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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Universal Camo Skins – What You Can Do With Them

Do you have an older video camera or still camera that you would like to have camo skins for?
You're in luck because we have "Universal Camo Skins" available in Real Tree and Mossy Oak.
Price: $17.99

I took this sheet of Skins and decided to wrap some of my things. I first choose my Cell Phone.
How I did this was:
1) I looked online for a "life size" front and back image of my phone 
2) I printed it off, and then cut out the parts of the phone that I wanted to camo. I used those parts as my stencil to trace on the camo skins.

3) Then, I cut out the camo skins and placed them on my phone.

This is the best practice to follow to camo anything that you want! (find a stencil online or create your own by using white paper) Otherwise, you run the risk of messing up your camo skins.
With that one sheet of paper, I also had enough to camo the back of my computer:
I even had enough of the Universal Camo Skin left over to Camo Jeremy! 
Here are some other examples of things that people have skinned with the Universal Camo Skins:

What are you going to Skin?
Universal Camo Skins – What You Can Do With Them
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