So the Production Element requirement for today was the Creative use of an Outdoor Edge Knife. Or was it Creative filming with an Outdoor Edge Knife. I can’t remember. This would have been much easier if I had smacked a big ole muley today, then I could have done a tone with the knives. So instead I pulled someone else’s Antelope head out of the freezer and did some filming. I am curious to hear what any of you think of the shots we took and any ideas of how I can set up and have a different look are appreciated. Do any of you out there use the Outdoor Edge Knives? If so, which ones do you like? I absolutely love the new Flip N Zip knife saw combo for all of my hunting. Perfect blades for every situation I get myself into. Could use a little smaller caping blade but I carry a smaller OE knife for that. If I get something killed this week I’ll show you how the blades work great to cape and break down any animal. I kind of did this in a video on an Antelope I killed a couple weeks ago in Nevada. So here is the video on the footage we shot for the element.
iphone users without flash player “CLICK HERE” to view video

The production assignment from Campbell Cameras on this element was a little vague in my opinion and I was under the understanding that it was the creative use of the knives but that is not what I saw from several of the other producers. They all set the knife sets up and took what I call “Glamour Shots” of the knives in setting that is not really hunting related at all. I guess that is the different mindset I have from many of the other typical style producers. I still think Hunt first and Film second. Maybe it is me that has things all mixed up. Who cares, I just want to produce the Solo Hunters show and videos how I want and see what the viewers have to say about it in the end. Unique is still unique at the end of the day.

I have had a lot of fun with each of the production element requirements throughout the challenge so far. It is a good idea to stretch your imagination a bit to help force yourself to improve on any given skill set. Tomorrows Element is Creative use of lighting or creative lighting use. Either way it means the same dang thing to me. Film what I see and hope that it has something creative about it. We’ll see what we end up with on that one. Goodnight all.
Tim Burnett