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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Filming Tip- Hunters MUST Communicate with the Cameramen

Remember this is a team effort. Remember to let the cameraman know well before you are going to shoot and make sure he gives you the OK that he is on the animal and in focus. Again, you can practice this on a squirrel or a bird.

Remember if you don't video with your camera you won't have any video to share with family and friends! Show the wonder of the outdoors, including sunrises and sunsets, hawks, eagles, birds, etc. Filming these things gives your hunting video more outdoor realism.

By now you realize why the cameraman are the true stars of the hunting shows you enjoy. Without their constant attention to detail, the outdoors would never come indoors to viewers. This very challenge is the thrill behind the sport of filming hunts!
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  • Title : Filming Tip- Hunters MUST Communicate with the Cameramen
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