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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not Just Another Small Camera!

This is the Canon HF-S20 (a handheld HD camera). What we have done is used the Mini Advance Shoe to Multipoint Universal Shoe Adapter (or known as the cube adapter). This allows us to plug in a shotgun microphone on one side and a light on the other. Also using the Beachtek Adapter  we have transformed this camera into one that can use both a shotgun microphone(on the side) and wireless microphone (Velcroed to the top of the shoe). To plug the shotgun microphone (which uses a mini plug) into the Adapter we used the Mini plug to XLR Adapter). This set up would cost $1,138.00 for the Canon HF-S200 Outdoor Package (Camera kit, shotgun microphone, extra battery, SD card, etc.), $199.99 for the Beachtek XLR Adapter for Small Cameras, $108.99 for the Sony Wireless Microphones, $93 for the light, $54.99 for the Cube Adapter and $12.99 for the Mini Plug to XLR Adapter. You can take High-Quality HD Footage with good sound and use a light for your recovery shot.. all without having to remove one thing during the entire process! This allows you to reduce noise and time! The Beachtek Adapter still allows you to plug the camera into a tripod (screws onto the bottom of the adapter)

Not Just Another Small Camera!
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