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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tip Of the Day

1. Don't show just the perfect shots. Mix it up a bit and add some variety. Showing a missed shot or someone in an awkward position can be amusing. This will make it much more interesting for your viewers.

2. Always shoot more footage than you think you'll need

3. Never re-use a tape- you risk the chance of "drop out" frames

4. Try to capture the essence of the total experience. You want to make your viewer feel like they are actually in the tree stand with you. To that end show the surrounding woods, the other animals running around, birds in the air, etc. All this footage can be captured before and after the actual hunt. You can always edit those clips in before the hunt as long as it is in the same season and the trees look the same! Remember, an audience will accept as pertinent almost anything portrayed on the screen. 

5. Make sure you have an extra battery(s) and extra tapes -just in case. Remember it is always cheaper to buy in bulk. You know you will eventually need all those tapes

6. Shoot with a second camera is a must to make your show interesting. You should use a second angle shot during action scene to capture the movement from different angles. It is important when filming animals because you can get the shot the first time as animals never do the same thing twice.
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