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Friday, October 1, 2010

How to use your video camera in cold conditions

Most video cameras can operate in the temperature range of 32˚F to 104˚. There are some products and procedures that are KEY to use if you will be operating in cold conditions.

One of these products is the Polar Mitten Cases. Polar Mitten Camera Cases are heated cases that help you work in conditions that are below normal operating temperatures. They are thickly padded with a high loft insulation material. Air-activated warmers placed inside the case help battle the cold, keeping battery, recorder, lens and hands warm. These have been tested in extreme conditions up to -50˚F. You can use them hand-held or on the tripod. There is also an insulated lens cap that protects the lens in transport; it also prevents condensation from forming when bringing Polar Mitten in from the cold. Polar Mitten cases are supplied with heat packs.

Even cameras which can operate in temperature extremes can have problems if incorrect procedures are used. We recommend allowing the camera's temperature to gradually adjust when being moved between temperature extremes. This means that If you are going to be filming out in cold weather conditions, leave your camera in your car or in your garage the night before so that it can adjust to the temperature gradually.

Tip of the day: Battery life is reduced by cold temperatures. So keep those batteries warm, either on your camera or in you camera bag!

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