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Monday, October 11, 2010

Pelican Cases

Pelican Waterproof Cases

The Lifetime Warranty printed on the side of each Pelican shipping box sums it up when it claims "Pelican Cases are guaranteed to withstand anything and everything with the exception of shark bites, bear attacks and children under 5-years old".

CampbellCameras.com is proud to sell Pelican Cases. Pelican offers an extensive line of waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof cases designed to survive the nastiest of airport baggage handlers, treestand falls, boat drops, ocean water and a tornado. Built out of polypropylene copolymer, Pelican cases can take a hit. Although Pelican cases weigh more than comparably-sized 'soft' cases, you’re guaranteed a far lower 'ooops' factor should you accidentally drop or bash a loaded case from treestands or run over it with your truck. 
Pelicans contain 'O' rings designed to keep the ocean out when necessary. Most Pelicans also feature air-pressure relief valves to make it easier to open your case after moving from different altitudes or after a plane ride. 
Pre-scored 'Pick-n-Pluck' foam is standard-issue in most cases, in which you can completely customize your Pelican case for your gear.  Store your camera(s), tripod, GoPro, Lens, extra batteries, filters, tapes, SD cards, treearm, etc.
Don't just stop there! You can protect any of your valuables with this case. For example, your computer. 

Check out these photos of how the Pelican Case protected his EVO 10

Here are the before and after pictures of the Pelican Case and then soon to be released "Solo Package"
       Before              After 
Pelican Cases
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