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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spudz Microfiber Lens Cloth

The most convenient microfiber lens cloth you’ll ever use! Spudz Classic combines the gentle cleaning power of microfiber with the protection of a neoprene pouch. The snap hook keeps the Spudz Classic in reach and ready to use. You can attach it directly to some cameras!
The sewn in microfiber cloth can’t be lost, and is ready to go with one quick grab. The high quality microfiber cloth is strong enough to use over and over, but gentle enough to thoroughly clean scratch sensitive surfaces. The Spudz Classic cleans without the need for harsh chemicals.
Spudz is a reusable, environmentally friendly product. Clean your Spudz by hand-washing with a mild detergent and air drying with the cloth extended.
This is great to use when you are out in the field and your lens gets a little dirt on it. Just simply take it out of the pouch and clean down your lens. Check out the video below to show you how you use it.
Spudz Microfiber Lens Cloth
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