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Monday, November 8, 2010

Raynox HDP-9000EX 1.8 Telephoto Conversion Lens

Raynox HDP-9000EX 1.8 High Definition Telephoto Conversion Lens

Raynox has introduced the HDP-9000EX 1.8 High Definition Telephoto Conversion Lens for using with a large aperture taking lens of High Vision Camera, extending the focal length 1.8 times. Brings a distant subject up very close in maintaining the original superb image quality/ Compatible with the Canon XL-1/XL-2, XL-H1 20X/16X zoom, Panasonic AG-HVX200 (needs RA7282 adapter), Sony HDR-FX1/HVR-Z1 and other High Vision Cameras, in general (some may need adapter).

The HPD-9000EX lens is originally designed in a high resolution formula getting an amazing 280 L/mm resolution power at center. It perfectly suits a high vision camera.
The lens comes with an originally made Lens Hood (which considerably eliminates a refraction effect from stray light) and the lens case. These are packed with the lens in the carton together.
With the HDP-9000EX lens attached, there will be no influence on the F number of the master lens. The lens has a mounting thread of 72mm, and with an adapter ring of 77mm or 82mm, which are sold separately, the lens can be attached on the suitable camera lens.
With HDP-9000EX lens on, there will be a darkening at corners (vignetting) when the camera is zoomed towards wide angle side, though the starting point of darkening may vary depending on the camera in use. For example, with Sony HDR-FX1/HVR-Z1 it does not occur between 6x and 12x zoom area, and with Canon XL-1/XL-2, XL-H1 20x zoom it will be between 5 to 20x.
The 'vignetting' means the darkened corners on the picture, and it may happen with only at one corner or two or all four, depending upon the characteristics of the camera in use.
Item Includes
HDP-9000EX 1.8x High Definition Telephoto Conversion Lens - Lens Hood - Lens Case

Magnification: Nominal 1.8X Actual 1.8X Diagonal, 1.8X Horizontal
Lens Structure: 2-group/4-element, all surfaces fully coated
Front filter size 108mm
Mounting threads 72mm
Construction: Sturdy and solid metal body, excluding the Lens Hood
Length: 4.72" x 8.26" / 120mm x 210mm
Weight: 29.1 oz. / 825g 
Comparison Pictures:
Camera zoomed in                              

Camera zoomed in with Lens

Comparison Video

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