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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Product- Cameraman Concealment Cover

Cameraman Concealment Cover

 The cover is designed to cover you, the camera and tripod. Your body is the framework that keeps the cover in place. A large camo window screen allows for adequate viewing, yet the birds (or any wildlife for that matter) can't see through it. The cover allows you to move your hands making adjustments with the camera and/or lens without spooking your subject.
Anyone wanting to view wildlife who would like to get closer without being seen, this is the product for you. If your into taking pictures, using binoculars (the camo screen can be opened for this purpose) or want to use a video camera. you will find this to be a very useful tool to add to your bag of tricks. It's portable and lightweight so you can carry it with you where ever you go.
Comes in Real Tree APG. Other camo styles available by special order.

Review on the product from Essential Photography Gear:
"I am thrilled with the summer-weight Kwik Camo throw blind! I used it frequently during a recent two-week trip to Texas.The lightweight material is breathable, allowing the breeze to keep me cooler in the Texas heat, plus the fabric allows some visibility outward for better peripheral vision.
The opening for the flash brackets is very convenient...I've used it a lot. The small side openings that allow your hands outside the blind for adjustments are very convenient.
Best of all, the entire blind packs up into its pouch; it's very light and extremely portable. It's obvious this product has been designed carefully for the nature photographers with functionality and ease of set up in mind. It's a great addition to the gear I carry out into the field for wildlife photography!"
-Heather Forcier
South Burlington, VT
New Product- Cameraman Concealment Cover
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