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Friday, August 26, 2011

SEASON of SOLO Production Insight

This is a blog originally from SOLO Inception

So I thought I would take a quick opportunity to show just a tiny bit of what goes into producing a Self-Filmed, Solo hunt like you see on our Solo Hunters TV show and Season of Solo short film series. At this time in this video I don’t go into the planning and editing details of the show, only a little of what a person has to go through in the field after the hunt has been captured on film.

With the editing process I can make this look fun and as though it doesn’t really take much time at all. What you don’t see are the many walks back and forth from the camera to the scene and all of the gathering of all of the equipment. Not to mention doing a bunch of this in the dark at times. I always have to keep in mind the responsibilities I have for my sponsors and work to to my best to represent their brands through solid “Impressions through Imagery”. Being the man both in front of and behind the camera it makes you more carefully think through what is being both said and shown on camera. This is still my choice of production style although at times it is nice to have someone along with you if only for the company and to help do some heavy lifting.
Equipment that make it possible to do on your own are good camera equipment like I find at Campbellcameras.com, a good pack system like Badlands Packs, the best and easiest knives to use like Outdoor Edge Knives. Also, I always have my Big Game Bags from Caribou Gear. I am also a huge fan of light weight clothing and gear like Sitka Gear that allows be to have the mobility I need without having to pack around any extra weight in my clothing. It is obvious that I have enough of the “Extra” around my waistline as it is.
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