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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Production Element #5 – Team Logo Shots

Production Element #5 – Team Logo Shots

Teams from the Campbell Outdoor Challenge must submit 4 different videos (3 different angles of each) incorporating an image of your team logo.
These are the shots that will end up being what we use in the show to transition from team to team. Use your imagination and most important think of creative ways to capture the shots.
It is also important to use several different video techniques amongst the different shots.

Here are some examples that I've found

From the show American Choppers:
Here is their logo

They took the logo that was on the building and caught it's reflection in the puddle of water.

Here is the same logo but a different angle.

Here are some more examples from American Choppers


Now watch the video clips and see how fast these 5 images where put together

Next, we will take a look at how another show does it, Bone Collector.
Watch their show preview here
Bone Collector took a unique way to showcase their show's logo... especially since it is an outdoor show and the showed their logo on a motorcycle. It is important to think outside of the box and do things that other people in your genre aren't doing. But, remember to stay true to your audience and don't go too far away from your target.


Here is some logo clips from the show Pawn Stars:


Here are some shots from American Pickers:

If you have your logo on the side of your vehicle, it is a neat shot to get video of that while driving. Be sure and take a lot of different angles of this shot as it can be used as b-roll footage.

Here are some other interesting angles for filming logos:


Remember to use all the other production elements when filming these clips as well. Look for creative angles, lighting, time lapse, etc. other techniques.
Production Element #5 – Team Logo Shots
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