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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Production Elements: Creative Lighting

Creative Lighting
Part 3 - Production Elements

Creative lighting in and of itself is found in all examples of good photography and cinematography.  Lighting has the ability to change moods and draw attention to subjects.

For this element, focus on utilizing the available light or the lack there of to draw attention to a subject.  If the subject is an interesting tree, kick some dust in the air and film sun rays coming in through the leaves.  A shadow of a subject could also play a role in the shot.  For instance, a wide landscape shot could involve the only the hunter’s long shadow as the sun goes down.  Shadows can also create lines that draw attention to your subject.

Don’t limit it to daytime shots.  If you want to try something at night with artificial light, go for it.

Creative lighting at night created using a lot of Joby GorillaTorch Flare lights.

The use of a sun flare is a great technique, but be very aware of any dust on your lens.
Whatever the shot, use light to draw attention to the subject.
Check out the www.photo.net gallery for examples of great lighting and outdoor photography.    

Here is a video that I ran across yesterday of the effects of IRENE in NYC. It was filmed with a Canon 7D. I am not sure which lenses where used. This shows creative lighting even in the bad weather.

Irene NYC from Buffalo Picture House on Vimeo.

Here is another video that shows not only creative lighting, but also some creative outdoor landscape and time lapse shots. We will talk more about time lapse in our next blog!

Uncommon Ideals. from Doggerland. on Vimeo.

Production Elements: Creative Lighting
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