Alright boys and girls this is the first day of hunting here in Wyoming. Hot Damn! This is the last week of the Archery season and these deer have already been hunted hard for a couple of weeks. Some have even had arrows flung at them a time or two. Lucky for me I drew one of the prime areas for spot and stalk hunting and I dodged a bullet for having to sit in a ground blind all day. Whew! Not that a ground blind isn’t effective because in this part of the country it is extremely deadly but I like to be out and about hunting on my feet and off my back. Always a Badlands strapped to my back anyway. We have irrigated alfalfa all around us and the bucks are were very visible this morning but getting on them with little or no cover is a definite challenge. The Production Element that we have to film today is the Creative use of an Outdoor Edge Knife. Although we did some great filming of this today I don’t have time to fit it in to the following video. Will share all the deets of that a bit later on.
iphone users without flash player “CLICK HERE” to view video

So although the deer defeated us on this day I was extremely stoked to have been able to put on a couple great stalks. Heck if a guy kills on the first day all the time what kind of footage is he going to bring home. I think with 4 cameras running all the time on this hunt that there will be no short supply of footage to work with.

I didn’t even show you guys any of the production element filming of the Outdoor Edge Knives that we did today. That will have to wait for another posting after I finish out this hunt. Thats it for today. Get some rest and look for another great day of spot and stalk tomorrow. Maybe I can get something killed before the weekend. Ya think!
Tim Burnett

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