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So begins the hunt on Day 2 here in Wyoming. Let me start off by saying that today was a great and yet dreadful day. We had loads of good fortune followed up quickly by moments of destain. Today it seemed that the hills had bucks crawling all over them. Everywhere we turned we were seeing large groups of bucks. The only problem was that there were way too many eyes and ears to make any real opportunity for a stalk turn to into probably success. At least that is what was going through my mind while making my first couple of stalks. But we were soon able to get to within effective shooting distance of a couple great bucks. Well kind of effective. If you had a tommy gun mounted to the Helicopter.
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So as you see we did have an awesome day for an insane opportunity to get a buck killed. We went hard from sun up to sun down. As long as we had water in the packs and a little bit of food, we were after it. Days like today are the kind of random experiences that I really like about hunting. Yes I do kind of like a bit of adversity. I told you I was crazy didn’t I. Maybe that is why I predominantly hunt DIY and Public lands. Well, that and I can’t afford to hunt any other way. But I am glad that the regular guys have so many great and inexpensive opportunities to hunt the country after almost any Species of Big Game animal he chooses. Luck of the draw and a few hard earned dollars to fill the gas tank and buy some cheap grub are really all a guy needs to get out and enjoy hunting. Maybe not often doing the killing, but always hunting.

Tim Burnett