Ok so the unkept secret is now out… this is the day of the Kill. There I said it. Yep I let it slip but there is way too much footage from today to ever fit it in to a short video clip. I could do an entire 30 minute episode on today alone. Like yesterday, good luck bad fortune. All day long. But at least we were able to get ultra aggressive on several Bucks today. In the video you will see me get to within literally 10 feet of a bedded buck before he springs up.
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So, I hate to leave the hunt here for another day but there is just way too much I wanted to fit into the last day video that it had to wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow, besides finally showing you all the much anticipated KILL, I go a little behind the scenes of how outdoor television is produced but I do it in my own Solo way. I just don’t know why everyone expects us producers to conform to the way it has been done for 30 years. Cut aways, B-roll, re-enactments and bad acting have gone way too far within this industry and I aint going to fall into it. OK maybe a little bit but not that anyone would ever even know right. WRONG. Viewers are not stupid. We know when something has been faked. As you will see at the end of tomorrows video, I HATE to fake crap.
Another reason for me to hold the rest of the video for tomorrow is that my research has shown me that Thursdays are my biggest viewing days on the Blog and Facebook and that if a video is much over the 5 minute mark the odds of a person sitting through it go way down. But not my videos right? They’re too damn entertaining. OK, so if you don’t like the video much then hopefully you like some of the pics.

Well it seems like this week has been full of way more ups and downs than the normal hunt for me. Even though we are hunting a large track of privately owned land, with all the seismic crews walking around it is just as bad as a real popular public land hunting spot. This is something I am very used to with hunting public lands. My secret has always been to never hunt the weekend and avoid government holidays and any other time that other hunters are going to have an opportunity to extend their weekends. That and getting way way of the beaten path and then get off that path. Thats how to avoid the crowds. And that is what really makes hunting fun. This is fun isn’t it though?
Tim Burnett