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Monday, October 24, 2011

How to clean your Lens

Cleaning Your Lens

Even if your lenses don't look dirty, you are spending hours filming outside and even if you are able to protect your optics from all the environmental sources of filth, there would still be a need to clean your optics.

Cleaning your lens involves about 6 different options:

1. Comped air blower with soft non-scratching rubber tip

2. Soft-touch retracting brush
3. Soft-tip refillable cleaning solution

4. Alcohol-free, all-natural cleaning liquid

5. Microfiber Lens cloth

6. Cleaning soft tissue

7. Cotton-tipped sticks for cleaning crevices and edges

To get the dust off of your lens try using the air blower to remove the dirt and dust from crevices and edges.
Another solution to removing dirt from hard-to-reach places is by using the cotton-tipped sticks.

You can use the Campbell Spudz cloth to remove any fingerprints from your lens in a quick sweeping motion.

How to clean your Lens
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