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Friday, January 6, 2012

Get YOUR Hunt on SOLO Hunters!


The CampbellCameras.com Solo Hunter Challenge is back in full swing. We know that most hunting seasons are now over and that many of you out there were able to kill some great trophies. Congratulations!! It is now time to see what kind of Solo Filmed hunts are out there. Did you film your own hunt? Do you have a captivating story to tell? Now is the time to let us know about it. We are looking to fill 12 segments on the Solo Hunters TV Show on Outdoor Channel for 2012 beginning in June. You have until May 1st to get your entry in.

All entries must be sent in by May 1st but the twist is that you need to get it in early this season. We are putting the votes out to the public to help us decide. All hunts MUST BE uploaded to Huntvids.com for consideration for use on the Solo Hunters TV Show. Due to the hundreds of tapes, DVD’s and SD cards that we dealt with last season we have made the process easier for everyone. Here is the process.

We need a maximum of 10 minute video clip of you and your hunt. We want to see the best of what you have in that amount of time. You don’t need to have music and professional editing skills. Leave that to us. We are looking at the video quality, story telling and uniqueness of your Self Filmed Solo Hunt. Upload that video to Huntvids.com under the “Solo Challenge” Category and look for your video to be posted. We will sort through them and then put them out for the votes and views to come in. It is up to you to get people to Solohuterstv.com to view and VOTE for your video. The more views and the more votes the better chance you will have at being selected for this seasons shows. Here is a good example of story telling, filming technique and overall video quality from last years Solo Challenge participant Adam Rainey.

Looks simple enough right. Here’s your punch list to include in your video. BE SURE to keep your original tapes or Files in their original format for editing on the show if selected. ALL VIDEO MUST BE SHOT IN 1080 HD for use on Outdoor Channel

A. 1 minute of face time of who you are and what makes you a Solo Hunter.
B. Pick out the highlights of your hunt and footage and put it to a 10 minute video (no music or editing required unless you want to)
C. Log in or Sign Up to Huntvids.com
D. Upload your video under the “Solo Challenge” Category
E. Send everyone you know to www.solohunterstv.com to click the VOTE button and go to your video to give it a star and make a comment.
F. Voting on www.solohunterstv.com will begin February 1st 2012.(Votes must go through the solohunterstv.com website to be counted)

That’s it! The more STARS, COMMENTS, RATINGS and PLAYS your video gets the better your chances at being selected. Good Luck!

Go Hard Go Solo!

Tim Burnett

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