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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Video Products Launched at CES 2012

Here are some of the new products that were launched at CES 2012

JVC WiFi Camera

Why is this cool?
Set your Video Camera up on a tripod or tree arm and use your smart phone to view what is being recorded and zoom in/out, stop and record! It also can be used as a "trail Camera" (they call it security camera) that when it senses motion it can take still pictures or short video clips

Joby at CES

Sony launches HDR-PJ760v and HDR-PJ710V Handycams at CES 2012

The new high definition camcorder lineup and their accessories will be available in March. A complete list is provided further down the page.

Topping the line-up is the video enthusiast-level consumer camcorders, HDR-PJ760V and HDR-PJ710V, which capture full HD 24p and 60p recording with 24.1-megapixel still images.

A newly developed feature is Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization which controls the entire optical path, including the image sensor, as one floating unit to enable image stabilization that is 13 times more stable than its predecessor (compared to standard mode of HDR-CX700V). Balanced Optical SteadyShot advantages apply to the full zoom range from wide to telephoto. Other new features include Wide Angle (26.0mm) Carl Zeiss Lens, tilting Electronic View Finder (HDR-PJ760V), and 17x extended zoom. Read More at Hindustan Times.

JVC Previews a 4K Camcorder at Consumer Electronics Show
From The Hollywood Reporter
 The camcorder, which lists for $4,995, will be available in March.

LAS VEGAS—JVC is previewing a 4K camcorder with a list price of  $4,995, this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.
The JVC camcorder records 3840x2160 footage at 24p, 50p, or 60p.
4K resolution -- roughly four times that of high definition -- is building momentum in the professional and also now in the consumer space.
At CES, for instance, Sony is previewing a 4K home theater system, and LG unveiled a 4K x 2K 84-inch “Ultra HD” 3D Smart TV.
The JVC camcorder records to SDHC or SDXC memory cards. It is expected to be available in March.

Canon camcorders stay the course at CES 2012
LAS VEGAS--Canon's consumer camcorders for 2012 make for boring news, but will probably be pretty good products.
Compared with the whizzy C300 debut, any subsequent consumer camcorder announcements from Canon are bound to be pretty dull. Luckily for Canon, the updates to its 2012 camcorder line look like a decent set of upgrades that will improve on already solid products.
Certain things haven't changed since their debut a year ago. The G10 continues at the top of the prosumer line without replacement, and Canon didn't mention the HF S30 at all during our briefing. The company instead concentrates on revving the mainstream HF M series and entry-level HF R series, streamlining the interface, adding Wi-Fi, and in the case of the M models, claiming improvements in the low-light video quality.

For the M series, Canon has refined the microlenses and color filters on the sensor, and says it delivers 20 percent better low-light performance--down to 1.2 lux from 1.5 lux. In fact, Canon claims the new models will outperform the G10 in low light. Though they use the same 10x zoom lens as their predecessors, the M models are smaller than before. Sadly, though, Canon has jettisoned the EVF from the top-end model, despite it being more expensive than the M41 it replaces.

Given how much I've complained about the touch-screen user interface for the recent generations of Canon's camcorders, it was nice to see that it's been greatly streamlined, tossing the poorly placed inner scroll bar for more icon-driven operation. It's coupled with a new, more responsive 3-inch LCD and navigation controls.

Canon has also introduced some more automation in the audio controls, with audio preset options (such as music or speech). Plus the Story Creator now offers more-specific tips.

For both the R and M series, models with built-in memory will also have Wi-Fi. There will be an iOS app for streaming or storing footage on a mobile device. (According to Canon, "building onAndroid is a little difficult.") Canon will also offer an image gateway server for uploading via an access point, and support DLNA for wireless transmission to a TV, though the latter only for MPEG-4 files (720/30p or 24p). Also, there'll be direct-to-disk archiving for memory-equipped models.
The R series gets a slightly updated sensor and Intelligent IS in its longer lens--it's up to 32x--plus it's smaller and lighter, and includes an MPEG-4 recording option.
All is not forward motion, however. For the past couple of generations, Canon supplied two card slots in the mainstream Vixia models. This year's models only have one. And it's a bit disappointing that the lenses remain fairly narrow; it's about time to see some wide-angle views on these models.
The HF M series is slated to ship in late March, while the R series will ship in mid-February. They are configured and priced as follows:
  • Vixia HF M52, 32GB, $749.99
  • Vixia HF M50, 8GB, $649.99
  • Vixia HF M500, 0GB, $549.99
  • Vixia HF R32, 32GB, $549.99
  • Vixia HF R30, 8GB, $449.99
  • Vixia HF R300, 0GB, $349.99
Given the extra capabilities bestowed on the camcorders by having the built-in memory, I'm changing my usual tune--that the no-memory models are usually the best buys--and singing the praises of choosing the model with the lesser amount of memory. While most people will probably be drawn to the budget-friendly R series, I suspect the M50 will end up being my recommendation for best consumer buy out of this group. We'll see once I've gotten a chance to test them.

CES 2012: Hands on with Canon PowerShot G1 X and Nikon D4
From Dpreview
The PowerShot G1 X handles much like the PowerShot G12. However, its fixed 28-112mm (equivalent) zoom and fully-articulated rear LCD are coupled with a sensor only slightly smaller than that used in Canon's APS-C format EOS DSLRs.

The 16MP Nikon D4 is the latest in a long line of professional SLRs going back to 1959. The fifth full-frame digital SLR from Nikon, the D4 follows in the footsteps of the 12MP D3S, and although the improvements to its still image shooting capabilities are relatively modest, the D4 boasts a completely overhauled movie mode and a host of ergonomic improvements.

MiVue's iPhone POV Mount

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 — I hate having three different cameras to address various situations in life – iPhone for when I’m lazy, DSLR when I want to pretend I know how to take pretty pictures, and a GoPro for when I’m doing something adventurous. Thankfully it looks like I’m going to be able to discard at least one of those cameras from my bag now that the MiVue is in existence.

The MiVue is a wearable Point Of View iPhone camera-system that increases the viewing angle past 180 degrees so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your buddy’s triple-backflip was caught in the frame or not. Making its debut at CES 2012, the MiVue system comes with 3-water resistant skins that free users from the dread of splashes and rain puddles ruining their precious phone.

We’ve tested a few similar devices while we’ve been at CES, but the MiVue is the best iteration we’ve seen. The video quality on other POV systems usually looks distorted and pixelated, but he MiVue captures wide-angle video that maintains clarity throughout the frame. After the conception of the idea the MiVue creators spent over a year coming up with the perfect glass for the lens. Rather than going with a hard plastic to reduce the unit’s price they decided to use the same type of glass used on most DSLR camera lenses which ensures a long lasting quality build. Read More Here

LifeProof Adapter Compatible with GoPro Mounts
Share your greatest adventures with the world! Take your LifeProof on all your adventures and share the experience with everyone. Attach your LifeProof to your GoPro ® mounts with the LifeProof Adapter and capture crystal-clear 1080p HD video in any environment. Film that intense mountain biking adventure, that ‘killer’ surf wave, or even that family kayak trip with your LifeProof and LifeProof Adapter.

GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and Remote Control Kit hands-on (video)
By Mat Smith  posted Jan 9th 2012 11:16PM
We're certainly not going to say no to more functionality for GoPro's rugged camera units. Here at CES's Digital Experience, we've got to get a glimpse at both the WiFi BacPac and Remote Control Kit. The WiFi Bacpac does what you'd expect it to do -- but with an extra twist. Alongside WiFi connectivity, it'll also play nice with both Android and iOS devices. The apps will display any captured content immediately, with a free-to-download app that will connect with the camera.

The remote control kit, meanwhile, is capable of stringing together several different cams, with a largely dual-button setup that looks an awful lot like a heart-rate monitor. Check the hands-on after the break and expect to see these arrive later this year -- price to be confirmed.

From PRWeb
The Tiffen Company, a leading manufacturer and distributor of award-winning accessories for the still imaging, video, motion picture and broadcast markets, today announced in addition to showcasing its award-winning Steadicam® Smoothee™ systems for Apple® iPhone 3, 4/4S, iPod touch, Flip and GoPro Hero®, the company is demonstrating a brand-new Smoothee prototype for use with Contour cameras at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at booth 31133. Developed by Steadicam, the leader in camera stabilization, the patented Smoothee eliminates shakes associated with handheld video recording, letting users “fly” through their video capture moments — up and down steps, indoors and outside, through crowds — almost anywhere, with precise, elegant control and ease. Designed for all skill levels from novice to expert, the ‘out-of-the-box’ Smoothee system requires little set-up. “With thousands of units sold out of the gate, the Steadicam Smoothee is a favorite among video enthusiasts, and we are very pleased to unveil the new Contour camera prototype mount here at the world’s largest consumer electronic show — CES 2012,” comments Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, The Tiffen Company.

Liquid Image has a trio of new sports cameras to show at CES this week, two sets of goggles with integrated still and video recording and a flexible-mount model, each packing WiFi connectivity. The new Liquid Image EGO, TORQUE HD and APEX HD target Contour and GoPro buyers, offering up to 1080/30p or 720/60p HD video recording and 12-megapixel stills together with the ability to wirelessly stream video via WiFi to a smartphone app or your laptop.
Read More HERE

Cerevo Live Shell with Contour+ hands-on (video)
From Engadet

Contour and Cerevo are teaming up this week at CES to release the Cerevo Live Shell accessory for HD camcorders enabling high-quality automatic upload and streaming to UStream from any HD video source -- in this case, the Contour+. The Live Shell is simplistic in design, featuring a small LCD screen with icons for useful indicators, an HDMI input, line-in port, microphone input, composite video input as well as a choice of Ethernet port or built-in WiFi for connectivity. It can run off three AA batteries, giving up to three hours of usage or can be used with the accompanied AC adapter for all-day use. The Cerevo Live Shell also comes with its own dedicated web-based control screen called the "Dashboard," which allows you to customize the settings on the device (volume, video quality, etc.) via personal computer or smartphone. Read More Here
New Video Products Launched at CES 2012
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