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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips on Editing with Adobe Premiere

Tips on Editing with Adobe Premiere

Check out some of the videos with some tips for editing with Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere CS5.5 & FCP 7 - Intro & Roundtrip from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Here is an in-depth video on editing

Detailed Adobe Premiere & Dynamic Linking Workflow from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5- Complete Pacakge for Windows or Mac 

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 for Mac is professional nonlinear editing software that allows editors to work directly on the timeline with every major tapeless camera format, including P2, XDCAM EX/HD/HD50, JVC ProHD, AVCHD, AVCCAM, DPX, RED R3D, Canon XF, and Nikon and Canon DSLR. Support for these formats is native, so no transcoding or re-wrapping is required.

You can also import and export most other popular video, graphics, and audio file formats, such as FLV, F4V, MPEG-2, QuickTime, Windows Media, AVI, BWF, AIFF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and more. (DV and HDV capture via FireWire is, of course, still supported as well.) The powerful software allows you to mix these supported formats on a single timeline, with high-quality scaling and flexible interpretation rules that engender exceptional output from mixed-format footage.

To support flexible, fast, and powerful creative editing, Premiere Pro CS5.5 features the 64-bit Mercury Playback Engine, which delivers astounding software performance with or without GPU acceleration from your graphics card. For this version, CS5.5 offers additional GPU-accelerated filters and effects. Tight integration with other Adobe Creative Suite programs has long been a hallmark of Premiere, and for version CS5.5, Adobe adds round-tripping of projects with Audition CS5.5 for fast, flexible audio editing.

From more information and to learn editing techniques specific to the outdoor industry attend the July 25-27, 2012 Adobe Premiere Editing Class at the Campbell Cameras Outdoor Videography School.

Adobe Premiere Editing Class
This three-day, hands-on course teaches students hard-to-find editing and finishing techniques with an emphasis on outdoor production. Learn how to create polished transitions, edit multi-camera projects, creating a storyline, and learn how to composite like a pro. We also cover workflows for managing music and working with different video files.

On the first day of class, you will get to know Adobe Premiere basic functions including the layout of the software, importing files, and how to manage those files. You will learn the importance and creative process of building a storyboard. You will dive into the editing of different video clips and the timeline. Primary and secondary angles of a Turkey Hunt along with some B-Roll footage will be given to you for you to create and edit a basic story.

The second day of the editing class is all about fine tuning an edit. You will be given primary and secondary angles of an Antelope Hunt with interview clips and b-roll footage to build another basic story. The instructors will walk you through when to use and not to use transitions, sound effects, music, color correction, lower thirds, J cuts and L cuts. Close to the end of the day you will be preparing and starting the final edit of a Whitetail hunt with primary, secondary angles, interviews, and B-roll footage.

On the third day, you will learn about exporting formats and using Encore to burn a DVD. You will add the final touches to your edits before the class critique. There will be a class critique of all final edits in which you have the opportunity to see how others cut the same footage differently. After all the critiques and instructor tips are complete, a certificate presentation will follow.

- All computers brought by students must have a 7200 rpm hard drive! This is very important. Editing video won't work on a 5600 rpm drive. Its just too slow.

- Everyone needs to bring a pair of headphones.

- Even if using a laptop, we recommend everyone has a mouse.

- The class will be taught using Adobe Premiere CS 5.5 for Windows or Mac however there are several versions of Premiere that will be allowed if you have already purchased the software. You must come prepared with it pre installed on your computer. Call for details

When: July 25-27, 2012
Where: Carmi, IL
Price: $2,000/Person*
*Price includes lodging and food.
Taught by: Aaron Coston, Editor of the Campbell Outdoor Challenge
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