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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Exploring the Bokeh Lighting Effect

This is an article from Samsung Imaging on the Bokeh Lighting effect. Imagine the cool lighting effects that you can do with your logo and a DSLR.

Show Your Love With Beautiful Bokeh Effect

* What is “BOKEH”?Are you familiar with the word “Bokeh”? It means “blur” or “haze”, which comes from the Japanese world “ボケ or boke” (Wikipedia: Bokeh). When we use the term in photography, it is referring to the aesthetic quality of the blur produced from a shot with shallow depth of field. Determining factors of bokeh are things like lens aberrations and shape of lens aperture. It’s very attractive and pleasing to blur the background and the focused subject even more.

* Tips for bokeh photography

1. Use of larger aperture works best
- You will get the best result with a lens, which can use large aperture.
2. Creating bokeh in different shapes
- Place in front of your lens a piece of black paper with the shape you want carved out of it.
3. Set your camera to aperture priority
4. Better to get closer to the subject or further away the background
* Beautiful examples of bokeh photography
1. Heart
the blur of lights creates pretty hearts for you

2. Lightning

Christmas lights turn into lightning with the bokeh lens

3. Stars
Shoot fireworks out of focus with a beautiful star bokeh lens

*  Here are the steps to get you started in photography with the beautiful bokeh lens!
Step 1. Print the bokeh drawings that we offer for the 60mm & 85mm lenses below. Feel free to download the file and enjoy taking beautiful bokeh photography!
Click the lens and save the file -> 60mm & 85mm
In order to get images which is not symmetrical, use this BOKEH KIT that we offer
Step 2. Cut out the circle to fit your 60mm or 85mm lens and also cut out the bokeh shape in the center of the circle like in the image below.

Step 3. Cover up the lens with the prepared bokeh

Step 4. You are now ready to take beautiful bokeh shots! Let’s see how it works!
<Adjusted the depth-of-field>

Exploring the Bokeh Lighting Effect
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