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Monday, July 30, 2012



Although today’s video cameras do a great job helping with stabilizing the video for you, nothing is better than adding a stability device to make your video rock solid. An enjoyable video to watch starts with the camera work. You can do many things to your video when editing to make it better but in the end your camera work in the field will have a direct impact on the end result.

If you are filming in a tree stand, you have a couple options. A tree arm like a 3rd arm camera support for example is by far the most solid video you will get in a tree.

Another option that will still give you good video and more mobility is a shoulder mount like the XSM31. This will give you a solid anchor on your shoulder and allow for mobility at the same time.

If you are filming on the ground for turkey, hogs, whitetail etc. a good fluid head tripod is the best option for a stationary set. You definitely want to make sure it is a fluid head and not a friction head for smooth motion. If you are going to be in a spot and stalk situation I would recommend switching to a monopod or shoulder mount to maintain mobility.

Filming in a fishing situation requires the use of a tripod, clamp style tree arm, or a boat pod that is designed to mount in most standard pedestal seat posts in a boat. The main thing to keep in mind on this is that you want your camera to move with the boat. That way when you watch it, even if the water was choppy, when you watch it on tv it will look like you were on glass calm water.

If you are filming waterfowl or upland game birds a shoulder mount is really about the only option. You can free hand the camera but the shoulder mount will provide the best results.

Adding a stability device to your next filming trip will really step up the professionalism of your next video and make it that much more enjoyable to watch.

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