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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Success Story: Customer John Chinuntdet

Success Story: Customer John Chinuntdet 

Just so you know that we are putting your gear to good use. I spotted the buck at 350 yards as he went from a sage flat to bare alfalfa field. Snuck to 150 yds, shed my boots and crawled to 90 yds. Then belly crawled to 70 yds, then to 60 yds and then let him feed closer to 50 yds. The buck started walking broadside left to right behind some grass at 50 yards. I slowly raised to all fours, then slowly got to my knees, drew my bow, settled the pin as the buck stopped and quartered hard to me. I absolutely smoked him in the chest at 50 yds. The buck face planted on the shot impact and then pushed with its back legs 40 yds before his antlers got hung in the dirt and he flipped head over hooves dying in a cloud of dust. I was speechless. It was one of those - "Did that really just happen?" - moments.

 I would like to tell you that I calmly executed the stalk and shot, but when I got to 90 yds and could see the buck was still calmly feeding I turned into an adrenalin train wreck. As I was face down in the dirt, I could barely breathe and had to use two hands on my rangefinder because I was shaking so badly (this happened at least four times). I had demons yelling in my head, "JOHN, DON'T SCREW THIS CHANCE UP. It is the biggest buck of your life!!! Get a hold of yourself."

But, when I got the bow drawn and anchored for the shot, the world slowed down. I knew when the 50 yard pin settled on his chest that the buck was going to die. I touched the release and as I watched the arrow fly it was like being in a car wreck when time slows down. I remember thinking, "It is taking the arrow a long time to get there...SHWACK." One of the western hunting legends who happened to be scouting for elk, Doyle Moss of Mossback, measured the buck at 201 2/8.  –John Chinuntdet

Success Story: Customer John Chinuntdet
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