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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top 10 Products of September

These are the top 10 products of September:

1. GoPro HD HERO/2 Camo Skins
Apply these Camo Skins to your GoPro to eliminate the glare from the Waterproof housing. Also, doesn't everything look better in Camo?

Price: $17.99
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2. Manfrotto 701 HDV Fluid Head
 Fluid heads are ESSENTIAL to mount to your tree arm or tripod. Why? They give you that smooth look when moving from right to left and up and down. SHAKY footage is not fun to watch! This fluid head is perfect for cameras such as the Canon XF100, Sony HDR-AX2000, Canon XHA1/s, Sony HDR-FX7, etc.

Price: $134.34
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3. 3rd Arm Mini Prol XL Tree Arm
Tree arms will give you support for steady footage while in a tree. This 3rd Arm Mini Pro XL Tree arm can extend all the way to 33"! This tree arm includes a camera head. The 3rd Arm Mini Pro XL tree arm is perfect for the smaller video cameras such as the Canon HFR 300, Canon HFM500/50/52, Canon HFG10, Canon HFS series, etc.

Price: $114.00
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4. Manfrotto 700RC2 Fluid Head
Just like I said earlier, fluid heads are ESSENTIAL for smooth, fluid movement of a camera. Maybe that is why we have two heads that made the top products of September! This fluid head is designed for smaller video cameras such as the Canon VIXIA HFG10, Canon HFM500/50/52, Panasonic TM900 and similar.

Price: $85.99
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5. Varizoom VZ-Stealth
Let's face it, when we are in the woods less movement it key. That is what the Varizoom VZ-Stealth Zoom Commander is designed for! Attaches to the handle of a fluid head and connects to cameras with a LANC port. This allows you to control various function of the camera without touching it!

Price: $139.95
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6. GoPro HD Hero 2 Outdoors Edition
 This little camera is amazing! You can attach it to virtually anything, including your bow, gun and even your bird dog (using the GoPro Chest Mount)! This camera is ALWAYS a top seller, especially for the quality of video that it takes. This camera is FULL HD, records to SDHC cards, mountable, waterproof, takes photos and photo bursts, time lapse mode, and more.

Price: $299.99
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7. Camouflage Camera Bag for Small Cameras
This bag is perfect for small cameras! Not only will it keep your camera safe but it also has rooms for extras including a shotgun microphone, wireless mics, light, batteries, etc. Plus, you can't beat the price!

Price: $49.99
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8. Insane Archery Camera Bow Mount
This in a camera mount for your bow. It will work on almost ANY bow, including CROSSBOWS! Attach your small camera to your bow and get the footage from your perspective.

Price: $39.95
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9. Canon VIXIA HFR300 Video Camera
This handycam has been selling like hotcakes! This is the camera to get if you are starting to film your hunts but you don't want to dive into your pockets. This records in FULL HD to SDHC cards. This camera has the ability to zoom in 32x times to really draw the animal in. You will be able to record your hunts and easily share them with friends and family.

Price: $295.00
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10. Adobe Premiere Elements
This is the software to get if you are a beginner looking to edit together your footage. It is user-friendly with a lot of advance options. This is a great editing software for both Windows and Macs. Get your start editing today!

Price: $99.99
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