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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hightower Buck- 215 7/8 Gross Score

Hightower Buck – 215 7/8 Gross Score
by Ryan Smith 

Congratulations to Ryan Smith for getting his first buck hunt on film! Can we say it was a MONSTER as well!! This Monster was taken Southeast of St. Joseph, MO. It green scored 215 7/8 and a net score of 205 6/8.

Check out some of these Trail Cam Pictures:
Pictures given to Campbell Cameras from Ryan to use.

Here is a short clip of the "Kill Shot" that Ryan is allowing us to use. This is video taken by a cell phone recording the video from the LCD Screen.

Ryan Smith used the Sony HXR-NX70U Whitetail Package to film his hunt. Last time we checked there was a lot of TV shows interested in purchasing his original film from his Sony HXR-NX70U.

Hightower Buck- 215 7/8 Gross Score
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