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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Campbell Cameras Adventure - By James Koons

My Campbell Cameras Adventure 

My name is James Koons, I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman.  In the summer of 2010, I entered Campbell Cameras “Show Your Support” photo contest on Facebook and won. Winning the contest gave me a free spot to attend the Campbell Cameras Outdoor Videography School.  I was really excited to have won the opportunity to attend the school because I had very limited knowledge of utilizing my camera equipment and what was needed to successfully film a hunt;   I knew the basics, “I knew which direction to point the camera and how to hit the record button”.  Little did I know what I would learn & what events would transpire from winning this contest.

In July, I traveled to Carmi, Illinois to Campbell Cameras Outdoor Videography School.  The school was exceptional.  I learned basic camera functions, different filming techniques, the art of storytelling through the lens of my camera and a lot about the outdoor television industry.  This was a great hands on, how to, school for the outdoor videographer.

In October 2011, I was fortunate enough to go back to Carmi, Illinois and compete in the Top Outdoor Producer Whitetail Qualifier sponsored by Campbell Cameras.   This time I was accompanied by my brother in law who was armed with my Sony AX2000 video camera and I, with my compound bow.  We were to compete against ten other teams in the sport of filming hunts.  After five and a half days of hunting and filming production elements for the competition, all that I had learned paid off, and we were able to successfully film a whitetail hunt and win the Whitetail Qualifier.  This competition is to air on the Sportsman Channel in January 2013.

In January, I self filmed a Coues Whitetail hunt in New Mexico and utilized all I had learned from Campbell’s Video School.  I submitted my videoed hunt to Solo Hunters TV and my hunt was selected and aired on the Outdoor Channel.

After two years of filming hunts, I had a ton of video footage, but not the editing skills to produce a quality video, so in the summer of 2012, I headed back to Campbell Cameras to the Adobe Premier Editing School.  This was an exceptional class with very knowledgeable instructors.  This class was very hands on and we were taught how to use the software to take rough video footage and edit it down, to utilize B roll footage, interviews and secondary camera angles to make a final edited video.  During the four days of the school, we were so addicted to what the instructors had taught us that we stayed up past midnight using the editing software.   The Campbell’s instructors were so dedicated to the students and the class that they stayed with us during those late hours.  This class will make you a better videographer as well as an editor.  This class is a must for all outdoor videographers.

The facility and accommodations at Campbell’s are top notch.  The instructors and staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  When you make a purchase at Campbell Cameras not only are you getting a great product, but you are also getting the expertise and knowledge from real outdoorsmen and videographers too.   One of the many benefits to attending the Campbell Cameras Schools was the contacts and friendships that were made with other students from around globe.

If you have a dream to someday have your own outdoor television show or just want to successfully film and relive your own adventure, Campbell Cameras is the place.    
My Campbell Cameras Adventure - By James Koons
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