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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adobe Premiere Editing Class - March 19-22, 2013

Adobe Premiere Editing Class- March 19-22, 2013

This four-day, hands-on, beginners course, teaches students hard-to-find editing and finishing techniques that you wont get from watching tutorials online. With an emphasis on outdoor production, learn how to create story lines, edit multi-camera clips, creatively build drama, and export your videos for YouTube, DVD or Blue Ray discs. Although it is designed for the beginner, this class has proven to be jam packed with information & long days spent in a chair, with an unbelievable result that ends with the sky as the limit, with what your next production will look like.

On the first day of class, you will learn details of a computer system and what some of the terms mean as well as what different types of media that are out there and how they effect video editing workflows. We will then work on importing files onto the computer and how to best organize and manage those files before, during and after a project. You will then get to know Adobe Premiere basic functions including the layout of the software, importing files into your project and building a basic video on a timeline.

The second day will start out with a recap on the layout and basic functions of the software along with a brief Q & A. Next we will get into story building on a timeline, cutting, blending and fine tuning clips, adding music and diving right into editing an actual hunt. From start to finish, you will follow along with the instructors on importing, organizing, cutting clips, layering primary and secondary angles, adding music and trimming to what will end up looking like a hunt you would be proud to put on YouTube. At the end of the day, we will begin the rough cuts on your day 3 projects.

On day 3, we will walk you through adding transitions (when and where they are needed), a more in depth look at layering (lower thirds, text, logos, etc) and the importance of audio (adding, layering, blending, replacing, etc). During the second half of this day, we hope to have you to where we can let your minds run wild and finish this edit on your own (with our instructors present for your help of course) to see what you can create and come up with based on what you have learned so far. At the end of the day, we will have a brief Q & A as well as watch and discuss the instructors version of this hunt. This will hopefully get your creative juices flowing even more for day 4.

On the 4th and final day, we will work on our last project which will encompass all you have learned as well as require some creative minds, as it will be the hardest project you will have to work on, but has potential of being the best!! By the end of the day we will cover exporting files for DVD, Blue Ray, YouTube or web videos, watch the instructors version of this hunt along with anyone else who would like to share and we will present course certificates to each student.

- All computers (desktop or laptop) brought by students must have a 7200 rpm hard drive! This is very important. Editing video won't work on a 5600 rpm drive. Its just too slow.

-A minimum of 500GB Hard Drive

- A pair of headphones.(Available for purchase at Campbell Cameras once you arrive)

- Even if using a laptop, we recommend everyone has a mouse.

- The class will be taught using Adobe Premiere CS 6, however there are several versions of Premiere that will be allowed if you have already purchased the software. You must come prepared with it pre installed on your computer and have everything up and running smoothly before you arrive. Call for details

When: March 19 - 22, 2013
Where: Carmi, IL
Price: $2,000/Person*
*Price includes lodging and food.
Taught by: Tom Petry: Owner of Drop Tine Productions & Kyle Almeling: Campbell Cameras

Adobe Premiere Editing Class - March 19-22, 2013
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