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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tips On Filming Your Turkey Hunt - Google+ Hangout

Tips on Filming Your Turkey Hunt a Google+ Live Hangeout

What is a Google+ Hangout?
Basically it is a live video chat where you can communicate back and forth with each other or chat back and forth. We are using it as a way to share tips and tricks for filming, also as a way to answer your questions! 

How do you join a Hangout?
1) You need to +1 the Campbell Cameras Page (This means that you "Like" it and you will be able to follow our posts, as well as join in the Hangouts.
2) When we are having a Hangoug you can go to our page and find the post and click "Hang Out"

This allows you to join the chat- you can video chat back and forth. You also have the ability to hide your video and mute your mic. While in the chat you also have the ability to chat along with other members and post your questions for us to answer! 

3) Another way to watch the Live Hangouts is to watch it directly on our page in the post feed.

If you are using your iPhone of Android phone, you can download the Google+ App and follow Campbell Cameras page as well as join in the Hangouts right from your phone! 

If you can't make it to the live Hangout, it will be recorded and available to watch after! 

Today we started one of what we hope to be many Google+ Hangouts on the Campbell Cameras Page. With turkey season around the horizon, we decided that today's topic will be tips on Filming Your Turkey Hunt.

Here is the recorded video of the live chat:

Tips On Filming Your Turkey Hunt - Google+ Hangout
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