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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sony PMW-F5 to Sony PMW-F55 Upgrade

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The Sony PMW-F5 to PMW-F55 Upgrade Kit is a service that transforms your PMW-F5 into a PMW-F55, letting existing F5 customers enjoy full F55 capabilities, including on-board 4K recording and 4K output. The upgrade kit includes the same CMOS sensor and Color Filter Array as the F55.

After purchasing, you will receive an upgrade certificate with a unique serial number, a registration card, and upgrade scheduling instructions. You must call or email the Sony Service to schedule an appointment, and you must send the camera with your registration card to a Sony Service Center. The upgrade is normally completely in approximately two business days after receiving the F5 at the Service Center. Upon completion, you're camera will be shipped back to you.

Please note: This upgrade is a one-time modification to the PMW-F5 which cannot be reversed once completed. You will not receive back the original F5 components.

Upgraded Features:
• 4K Internal Recoding with SxS PRO+ Media
• 4096x2160 XAVC and 3840x2160 (UHD) XAVC are added format selection
• 4K frame rate is selectable up to 60p
• Simultaneously 4K or HD XAVC and MPEG 50 Mbps recording for proxies/dailies
• CMOS Frame Image Scanning
• Global shutter - No "Jello"-effect or flash banding
• Native sensor sensitivity of ISO 1250
• Ultra Wide Color Gamut
• Sensor Native Gamut is wider than UHD (REC. 2020) and print film
• S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3 or S-Gamut3/S-Log3 produces accurate color
• 4K Camera Output is Available on 3G-SDI and Outputs 4K HDMI
• Output of 4K image through SDI or HDMI
• 4K XAVC can be recorder on SxS PRO+ media while monitoring 4K output
• Compatibility with the 4K Live System
• 4K and HD live output is available with full remote control via:
• CA4000: Fiber Camera Adapter
• BPU4000: 4K/HD Baseband Processer Unit

Cosmetic Changes:
• FZ mount ring is silver color
• Model name and serial number remain the same
• Serial Plate and metadata are not changed

Preorder now: http://www.campbellcameras.com/Sony-F5-to-F55-Upgrade-Kit.html?sc=31&category=52

Sony PMW-F5 to Sony PMW-F55 Upgrade
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