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Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to create a better story

How To Create A Better Story - Motion Sketches 2: There's No Such Thing As Good Writing
Viewer discretion is advised. 

Now you might be thinking that this can't possibly relate to your hunting dvds or tv shows that you are trying to produce. THINK AGAIN! You want your audience to be engaged with your show and for that you need to give your show a little drama. Not the kind of drama that involves screaming or fighting but more like obstacles that made your hunt more difficult (weather, gear, wrong place/wrong time, etc.)

It is important to develop yourself as a character. You need to have 3 interesting traits (Perfectionist, Hardass, Deep appreciation of the outdoors) and show them in your show. It is good to have unexpected traits, for example, a hardass, tough man who has a deep appreciation of the outdoors. Those are two traits that you don't see that often and therefore make your character(yourself) interesting and engaging to your audience.

To add drama to your show you need a Character (yourself) a Want (the animal) and an Obstacle (anything in your way from getting your wants). There might be times when you go out for your hunt and everything runs 100%, that's great. However, drama leads the views to   worry which makes them more involved with your show. The bigger the want and the more focus the obstacles are the more engaged the audience is.

You can add drama to your shows by adding in the before and after shots. What comes before the hunt and after has profound input on the big kill shot. You can film these before and after your hunt. Don't wait too long or you might not have the same settings or weather conditions as your hunt. Those before and after shots can be redone 10000000000 times, therefore you can perfect what is being portrayed.

Hope this blog will add a little bit more drama to your show!
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