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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saving Time in the Woods

One way to cut down the time it takes to set up in your tree stand is to leave your tree arm base on the tree.
Professional videographer who hunt in a couple of different areas in a season will leave their tree arm base behind to save time setting up. They have at least two of the tree arm bases and then just leave those on their two stands (or more). When they get to their stand the only thing they will have to do is to insert the tree arm into the base and they are ready to go! This also cuts down on the amount of noise that it takes to set up your camera in a tree.
It is not recommend to leave your tree arm up all the time unless it is going to be in a one week time span. However, that is why we suggest having two tree arm bases so you can cut down on the set up time!
3rd Arm Pro Series Tree Base

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Saving Time in the Woods
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