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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turning your video into money

Make Money Selling Royalty Free Video Footage

Did you know that you can sell some of your footage as "stock footage" and make money?

According to Wikipedia:
"Stock footage, and similarly, archive footagelibrary pictures and file footage are film or video footage that is not custom shot for use in a specific film or television program. Stock footage is of beneficial use to filmmakers as it is far cheaper than shooting new material. A single piece of stock footage is a "stock shot" or a "library shot".[1] Stock footage may have appeared in previous productions but may also be outtakes or footage shot for previous productions but not used. Examples of stock footage which might be utilized are moving images of cities and landmarks, dangerous wildlife in their natural environments and historical footage."

It is really simple. You can take your short video clips of wildlife that you film and sell them on different websites. 

Here are some of the top websites that you can sell your footage on:

Payout: 50% of product price. Artist sets product price. No upper price limit.Products for sale: Footage, Audio FX and Music.

PROS: Great payout rate at 50%. No upper pricing limit. Helpful community. Easy upload and keywording process. Fast (within a week) file approval. FTP always works. CONS: Unlike istock and shutterstock, Pond5 does not automatically scale HD and SD footage down to smaller web sizes, which can mean lost sales. Also the maximum allowable amount of keywords for each clip on Pond5 is 25 words – which for some clips, can be on the lean side.

Payout: 26.5% to 30% of product price. Agency sets product price.
Products for sale: Footage (available for sale in original res. and smaller web sizes), Photos, Vector graphics.

PROS: Good looking site with high quality footage content. Helpful community. Easy upload and keywording process. CONS: Low commission rates. FTP performance is varied. Various bugs and glitches in the site’s code can be tedious ie. when keywording file descriptions that use “quotation marks”, you get weird extra characters that are generated – which then have to be erased

Payout: 30% of product price for non-exclusive contributors*. Agency sets product price.Products for sale: Footage (available for sale in original res. and smaller web sizes), Sound FX, Music, Photographs, Vector graphics.

PROS: istock is a beautiful looking site. It also comes with some very clever features that help buyers find what they want. (ie. Buyers can search based on colour or textspace requirements. As well there’s the ‘BestMatch’ keyword search system that allows buyers to give more relevancy to certain keywords in their searches).  Thanks to Getty’s involvement (who own the site) there are also serious marketing dollars pushing istock, so you get lots of eyeballs on your work.
Low commission rates. Longest wait in the industry to get content approved (As of this writing on June 14, 2010 it takes 5 weeks to get work approved). Time-consuming to upload and keyword. Technical glitches – ie. at the time of this writing FTP and thumbnail generation is not working. Non-exclusives* are limited to uploading 20 video files a week.

(from http://www.stockfootageseller.com/

Get out there are turn your footage into money!
Turning your video into money
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