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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Editing AVCHD Files

Editing AVCHD Files

If you are one of the many who have purchased a camcorder that records to SD, SDHC, or Hard-Drive Media, you have found it difficult to download and edit your HD video files. The footage from those cameras are encoded in AVCHD format, which is a compressed file.
Until recently, many of the consumer editing softwares did not support AVCHD, however, there are some that are starting to support it and can import AVCHD files directly from the video camera.

If you find yourself in a position where you have an old version of and editing software or one that does not support AVCHD, we have provided a link on our website that you can download a free converter. 

How To Convert AVCHD Files:
1. Download the Free Video Converter or download it from our website
2. Import your video using the SD Card reader on your computer or using a FireWire. Those are the only two ways that you can import HD files. If you do not have those options with your computer, you can use the Campbell Capture Device that uses your USB port on your computer. This, however, will only import your files in SD and not HD, but it is a nice solution for those computer with no SD card readers or firewire ports.

3. Convert those files using the Video Converter
4. Import those files into your editing software, such as the Campbell Outdoor Challenge Video Editor
5. You are now ready to start editing your footage!

Some of the newer versions of editing software now supports AVCHD. Here are a list of some of them:
Pinnacle HD Studio 14
Sony Vegas Pro 9
Apple iMovie
Final Cut Pro

If you are looking for a complete HD Editing Setup (Computer, Software, speakers), We have put together a Professional Video Editing Package

*Remember that you can only burn HD footage onto a DVD player if you have an HD Video Burner on your computer (your cd burner has to be an HD one). Otherwise, your footage will be in SD.
Editing AVCHD Files
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