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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Burn your footage straight to DVDs!

Canon DW-100 DVD Burner
Price: $174.99

Key to enjoying the superb video produced by the latest Canon High Definition and Standard Definition camcorders is sharing that video with family and friends. Now, it's easier than ever to transfer and backup your hunting footage from your camcorder onto DVDs with the Canon DW-100 DVD Burner.
Created to provide data backup for Canon Hard Disk Drive and Flash Memory camcorders, the DW-100 allows you to connect to a compatible Canon camcorder to download video and burn AVCHD or Standard Definition DVDs.
Still images captured in your compatible Canon camcorder can also be sent to the DW-100 and from them a "photo movie" can be created.
The DW-100 will also play back the AVCHD discs created in the burner on an HDTV monitor through your VIXIA High Definition Flash or Hard Disk Drive camcorder.
Simple & Easy
The DW-100 is easy to use. Three buttons- power, record and eject- are all you need to backup your video. With a simple connection to your camcorder using the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed cable you can send the video information to the DW-100 to create your DVD.


The DW-100 is compatible with all Canon flash memory and hard disk drive camcorders.
It will create AVCHD as well as Standard Definition DVDs which will play in compatible disc players.* In addition, you may use your AVCHD camcorder along with the DW-100 to play back AVCHD discs which have been created in the DW-100 on an HDTV monitor. Just connect the burner to your VIXIA High Definition Flash or Hard Disk Drive camcorder and use the HDMI or Component terminal on the camcorder to connect with the HDTV to view the content of the disc.
When finalizing AVCHD or Standard Definition video from your camcorder, the DW-100 can also create a menu screen for use when performing this operation.
* DVD media containing AVCHD footage should only be used in AVCHD compatible players otherwise the DVD player may fail to eject the media and may erase its contents without warning. AVCCHD discs containing scenes recorded in MXP mode cannot be created with the optional DW-100 DVD Burner. Movies recorded in MXP mode can be copied to Blu-ray Discs or a PC's Hard Disk Drive using the ImageMixer 3SE software that is bundled with the VIXIA HF S10, HF S100, HF20, HF200, HG21, or HG20.

Backup Options
You can choose from three data backup methods with the DW-100. The entire media file may be transferred from the camcorder; or just those portions which are new or have changed; or your Playlist registration. All of these are available for both High Definition or Standard Definition footage.

It's also possible to transfer photos taken on your Canon VIXIA high definition flash and hard disk drive camcorders, as well as FS series camcorders. The DW-100s Photomovie creation function will convert all jpeg files into a photomovie for storage or for viewing on your television.

Extended Recording Time
The DW-100 is compatible with 8.5GB High Capacity DVD-R DL discs. You will have approximately 2.6 hours of recording time when using a DL disc at the SP setting.
Burn your footage straight to DVDs!
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