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Monday, May 9, 2011

Removing a Lens Filter

Removing a Lens Filter

Getting a filter stuck while out in the field is frustrating and if you attempt to remove the filter improperly it will damage or break an expensive filter.

When removing a filter, remember that you must apply even pressure around the entire ring. To remove filter, apply a gentle, even pressure and turn. The filter will never come off by "squeezing" it. Sometimes you might have trouble removing a filter and then you give it to your buddy and they screw it right off.

Sometimes applying even pressure does not remove the filter, that is when the inexpensive plastic Lens Filter Wrenches come into play. A Lens Filter Wrench is a light, molded piece of plastic that goes over a stuck filter. By squeezing the two finger extensions tight around the filter, it applies the even pressure concept as it grips the filter.

Filter Wrenches come in pairs. If you have multiple filters on, you can attach a wrench to each in opposite directions.

Filter Wrenches are a relatively cheap buy compared to the cost of your filters!

We have two sizes of Bower Filter Wrenches:
Removing a Lens Filter
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