I know that most of you out there are just as crazy as I am aren’t you. There is something about hunting on the ground at eye level that gets me pumped about being a bow hunter. Heck a hunter in general. I don’t care if its with a bow, gun, crossbow, muzzle loader or spitwad. I know it has been said time and time again that its the hunt and not the kill. Isn’t it though? To me the kill is so anti climatic. Well, kind of climatic but the real rush that I feel and the true driving force that gets me out in the hills each week is the dang adventure of it all. For real! Hunts like this are what keep me pursuing this type of outdoor career. The experience of it all and the adventures to be had. To top it all off because I can capture it all on film. Special Thanks to Solo Hunter DUSTIN ROBBEN for taking time off work to come help me out with this Campbell’s Outdoor Challenge. I am also so glad to know that I am going home to a loving wife and family to share it all with time and time again. And then again even after my wife tells me to turn that dang hunting off. But she will admin that she really digs this Season of Solo Video Blog series.
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So it all came down to this moment on the fourth day of the trip and the third day of the hunt. I am so fortunate that it all came together like it did. Bow hunting really is a game played in yards and inches. We have to place ourselves to within few enough yards to make an ethical shot and then place that shot to within just a couple of inches of a vital kill zone. If we are off just a tiny bit with either it can effect the whole outcome of the hunt. I love it. I love hiking, climbing, shooting, riding and spending time in the outdoors. I guess it springs from growing up in super ruralville america. Moore, Idaho population 201. Now I think it’s 190 since some of us graduated and moved away. I love being out in the middle of nowhere knowing that I away from the chaos of any major population. It just feels good. For me it is good.

So thats it for the hunting portion of my Wyoming Archery Mule Deer hunt. Nothing left but some of the Production details and props for my many great partners and sponsors that you won’t want to miss out on. I do have to say that if it wasn’t for Campbell Cameras this hunt would not have been possible for me. If it wasn’t for John Campbell and Jeremy Leu, there is a strong possibility that my show Solo Hunters TV and this Season of Solo would not be possible. It is the financial support of companies like Campbell Cameras, Outdoor Edge, Carbon Express, Badlands, Gorilla, Dead Down Wind, Huntnhouse and the product support of the others that we have on our list of sponsors that make Solo Hunters and the Season of Solo happen. We all need to show our support to those companies and their owners who make not only my show but all outdoor television a reality. Without these companies and the television networks we all would have to watch TLC and Oprah every night with our wives. That should be incentive enough to spend every dime we have on hunting gear and hunts to keep us free from the tyrannical reign of Oprah. But only if you want my opinion.
Tim Burnett