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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Canon Quick Guides- Downloadable PDF files

Canon Quick Guides

Canon QuickGuides are a free downloadable resource for EOS cameras and accessories. These PDF cheat sheets are helpful tools to carry around in your camera bag for quick reference, or to read from your computer for step-by-step guidance on specific product features and techniques.

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QuickGuide to EOS Focusing Screens: 
This guide will help you understand the benefits of using accessory focus screens. Learn the basic screen types and series, camera compatibility, proper insertion and removal of focus screens, as well as care and handling.

QuickGuide to EOS DSLR Video Recording:
Canon offers several SLR camera capable of shooting HD Video footage, including the EOS-1D Mark IV, the EOS 5D Mark II, and the EOS 7D. Learn the differences between these cameras, and how to select, set up, and start shooting video on all of them.

QuickGuide to EOS 7D Autofocus Modes: 
The EOS 7D has an advanced 19-point, all cross-type AF system, and this guide helps you make the most of it! Learn about autofocus features such as AF Shooting Mode options, selecting and expanding AF Points, and how to use Zone AF.

QuickGuide to Accurate EOS Autofocus: 
This guide will provide tips on how to ensure accurate and consistent focus with your EOS system. Master concepts and practices such as Diopter Adjustment, AF Point Sensitivity, Micro-Focus Adjustment, and more that will help you better understand your camera's AF system.

QuickGuide to Canon EF Lens Features: 
Familiarize yourself with the variety of features available on EF lenses, and how to effectively use them on EOS cameras. You may find it useful to have your EF lens(es) nearby as you review this information, to confirm what features they have and how they function.

QuickGuide to Quick Control Screen Operation:
The purpose of this QuickGuide is to familiarize you with the features available in Canon’s Quick Control screen interface and the benefits of using it.

QuickGuide to EOS Live View Features: 
This QuickGuide will review all of the features available for Canon EOS cameras when used in their Live View mode. Learn how to enable Live View, the various options in still and movie modes, as well as use of Live View for Silent Mode Shooting

QuickGuide to EOS Custom Functions: 
Learn how to customize your EOS camera for individual shooting preferences, unique photography styles, or to maximize camera performance for any situation. This Guide covers several of the most common Custom Functions across the EOS line, including how to access, save, and use each setting.

Canon Quick Guides- Downloadable PDF files
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