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Monday, July 2, 2012

Campbell Cameras is on Pinterest- Are You?

Campbell Cameras is on Pinterest- Are You?

Pinterest is a clever site– full of ideas, how-tos, and pretty pictures. You might have noticed friends post on Facebook about "Pinning" something or seen one of the many tweets about Pinterest or even heard someone start a sentence with "I saw on Pinterest..."

You might be wondering how to pronounce it, we still don't know the correct way, but we are in love with it anyway! There is still time for you to jump on the Pinterest band wagon. Pinterest has now become the third largest social site behind Twitter and Facebook.

Whether you are a Pinterest veteran or just diving in, you can expect to find a new friendly face – us! We understand the last thing you want to see is a regurgitation of our website, so we put together some pins that are the best– best products, best sales, best deals, best videos, and best photos. As well as the best, we will pin "How To's" to create various video set ups. We will have different "Boards" focusing on specific hunting situations just for you!

We are going to pin more than products. We want our boards to represent the Campbell Camera lifestyle, which means everything from videography/hunting to preserving the outdoors.

If you ever have any question or just want to respond to a Pin, leave us comments on them!

We want to pin stuff from you. Your photos and videos inspire us and they should be seen. If you have something awesome you want us to pin, send it our way and we will use it if we can. We’ll also be perusing our other communities (Facebook®, Twitter™ and even your stories on Filming Freaks) to highlight some of the amazing things you’ve shared with us.
To make us aware of your photos/ videos that you post on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram Tag @CampbellCameras in them!

We’ll be timely. We know that the whole point of Pinterest is to help organize the web and so we won’t be inundating you with old or irrelevant pins. You can count on us to bring you special products for holidays and to share with you new products as soon as they become available.

Also, you might have noticed the new "Pin It" icon added to every product page. Feel free to "Pin" any product you like to your own boards!
Don't forget to take advantage of sharing the product to your Facebook, Twitter and your Google+ Account!

To Join: www.pinterest.com
Follow: www.pinterest.com/campbellcameras
 Happy Pinning!
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Campbell Cameras is on Pinterest- Are You?
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