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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2nd Camera Angles

2nd Camera Angles
Guest Blogger- Jeremy Leu, Campbell Outdoor Challenge Cohost

With the price of cameras coming down and the quality always increasing, it is now more practical than ever to add a couple small cameras to your video arsenal.

One of the simplest ways to set your production apart from all the other outdoor videos is to do it through the use of an additional POV camera, such as the Go Pro, to add an entertaining twist to your video. These point of view cameras are typically under 300 bucks, record in full 1080 high definition, most are waterproof, and are very small, making them an ideal fit for outdoor filming.

The simplest way to add to your production is by using non standard video shots mixed in with your footage. Think about all the new perspectives you can capture on film by simply adding another camera to your pack! Combine that with a tree mounting device like a 3rd arm tree support or a ground mounted device like the crooked stick and you can do some amazing things.

GoPro Unique Twist:
Mount to your hunting dog to capture the retrieving footage from your dog's perspective.

Muvi Unique Twist:
Mount the MUVI camera to barrel of a gun facing the shooter to capture the hunter while he's taking the shot.

Contour Unique Twist:
Mount the Contour camera to your hat to capture the 1st perspective angle to get the look of a video game.

Replay Unique Twist:
Mount one or a couple of Replay XDs to the side of your vehicle to pick up a unique angle.

These are just some of the possibilities that you can capture using these small POV cameras. I challenge you to think creatively and go out there and test your ideas! 
Comment with some of your ideas, we would love to hear them.

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