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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Archiving AVCHD Files

Question: How do you store your footage?

AVCHD files are large and take up a lot of hard drive space on your computer. The best way to store your AVCHD files is to back them up on external hard drives. This allows you to free up your computer's memory and does not slow down your computer. External hard drives are connected to your computer via a USB port.
To locate your external hard drive after you connected it via USB you can on a
PC go to My Computer and then the name of your external hard drive

or on a Mac go to Finder and then look under Devices.

This is where you can save your video files, transfer video files, and the location where you can import your files to your computer.

External Hard Drives come in a variety of storage capabilities from 128GB to 4TB.
500 GB = 42 hrs of HD Video
750 GB = 65 hrs of HD Video
1 TB = 84 hrs of HD Video
2 TB = 168 hrs of HD Video
4Tb = 1000 hrs of HD Video
Archiving AVCHD Files
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