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Monday, August 6, 2012

Differences between DSLR video and Video Camera video

Question: What is the difference in quality and results between DSLR and a regular HD video camera? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the DSLR vs Video Camera?

DSLR HD video is video recorded on a DSLR camera, which means a professional still -photographer’s- camera that has the ability to record video. Because still cameras have larger chips than most regular Pro HD cameras, the image has better resolution, which means less pixelation when viewed on a large flat TV screen. When filming on a DSLR you have manual control over every aspect of the "look" of what you are recording. Because DSLR cameras give you the flexibility of switching lenses, you can literally use the best  lenses available in the market. This allows for better control of the depth of field, or as my friends will describe it, a sharp image with a fuzzy background. This is the defining difference between the two types of HD.

If these DSLR cameras are so good, why isn't everyone using them?
There is a mayor difference between using a DSLR camera and a regular hd video camera, and knowledge and experience are crucial specially during a hunt. Remember in filming hunts, there is no second shot, thus, focus becomes a critical point, specially during low light situations when most of the hunting takes place. In plain English, it means that you to manually change the focus as a animal is walking across the field. Follow focus is in itself a career, so in this case, the cinematographer needs to master cinematography as well as focus pulling.

Unless you are a master of DSLR video, I would recommend using the DSLR as a second camera to do your B-Roll Footage. You can also set it up along your main video camera to get both shots, but in case you are out of focus you will still have your main camera.

Here is a side by side comparison of the Sony HDR-AX2000 Video Camera and the Canon 60D:

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