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Monday, June 9, 2014

Sony to film the 2014 World Cup in 4K (3 Matches)

Sony, an official FIFA Partner, offers a wide array of 4K products ranging from broadcast and professional solutions, to 4K-compatible consumer products such as TVs, home theatre projectors and video cameras, and provides unique and comprehensive 4K live production solutions, from shooting and production to viewing. Through the following joint initiatives, Sony and FIFA aim to further accelerate the expansion of the 4K viewing experience:

・ Sony and FIFA will jointly produce the Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Film in 4K (“Official 4K Film”). The film will include a selection of games, including the final. The Official 4K Film is due to be distributed online by FIFA via 4K content distribution services after the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

・ FIFA will leverage Sony’s professional 4K equipment within its 4K live production workflow processes at the 2014 FIFA World Cup to film one match from the round of 16 (to be held on 28 June), one quarter-final (on 4 July), and the final (on 13 July) at the Estadio do Maracanã) in Rio de Janeiro. Sony will be providing extensive technical support to FIFA, including the development of a 4K live production system. Sony’s products and solutions including its CineAlta™ 4K live camera “PMW-F55”, 4K multi-port AV storage unit “PWS-4400”, 4K LCD monitor “PVM-X300”, and 4K multi-format switcher “MVS-7000X”(subject to change) will be used to film the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The filmed 4K footage will be compiled into the Official 4K Film.

Read the entire article here: http://www.hdwarrior.co.uk/2014/04/04/sony-to-record-2014-world-cup-3-matches-in-4k/

Why you should start filming in 4K

1) Crop Factor- 4K is about 4 times larger than 1080HD. That means you can film in 4K and in post zoom in 4 times and still maintain 1080HD quality... that takes a 20x zoom and makes it a 80x zoom in post!
2) Shaky Footage- When you film handheld video in 4K you have 4 times the amount of video to work with to stabilize your footage in post.
3) Framing- When you film in 4K you have the possibilities to change the framing of the shot in post without losing HD quality.
More in-depth study of the benefits of 4K HERE
Sony to film the 2014 World Cup in 4K (3 Matches)
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