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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review of the Campbell Cameras "The Camera Pack" by Badlands

Badlands Camera Bag Review from Ozarks Outdoor Productions on Vimeo.

The Campbell Cameras Pack by Badlands

• Separated, easily accessible camera storage
• Multiple interior pockets for batteries, mics, etc
• Full T-6 Aluminum Internal Frame
• Room for additional hunting gear

"The Campbell Camera Pack" - By Badlands represents a quantum leap in how you transport your equipment in the field. Designed in conjunction with Campbell Cameras- this pack was literally built from the ground up, to keep all of your gear organized and easily accessible- even in the most demanding situations. By combining Campbell Cameras expertise with Badland’s uncompromising quality and comfort, the bar has been raised once again.

We believe this law to be so unavoidable that we have actually gone out and manufactured our own hunting components in situations where we thought the items available were sub standard especially for the hunting world.

A great example of this is our fabric, we call it KXO-32, it derived this name because, that is basically how many tries it took to get it right. But, get it right we did, the fabric we use is guaranteed to be the strongest, quietest most water proof fabric in the hunting world and its Teflon membrane allows it to remain soft and subtle in even the coldest environments.

Our webbing is custom woven and dyed to our specifications guaranteeing that it is the highest quality nylon available and that the colors actually match natural tones that you would see while hunting. Going with a straight black nylon would be so easy and inexpensive, but it would not be Badlands.

Hypalon Hunting Technology
Hunting Gear + Hypalon = Hunting Gear Perfection
Even though our hunting fabric is the best available, period, it still has limitations. And since we strive to make the best hunting packs known to man, we saw it as our job to enhance those limitations to a level which no other company had even dreamed of. If you are a “Weak Link” in the Badlands chain, it is more than likely that you will simply be cut out.

Thus when it was simply an impossibility to get the desired results from, let’s just call them “high stress areas” we simply cut out the fabric and replaced it with a material called Hypalon. This is one of the highest strength flexible materials known to man (and probably one of the most expensive as well) but around here the giving never stops.

Webbing Hunting TechnologyWe have one word for you Son: Plastics. Actually, it is Arimids but what the hell. Arimid threads are also one of the strongest substances known to science, perfect for hunting, so it is no wonder we chose these threads to sew the stress points of our packs. Yes all the yellow bar-tacks you see all around our products are not there just because we love “warm spring colors” it is because the thread is so dense that it cannot be dyed, however, when one strand can lift 110 lbs we don’t care if its pink.

Now tape and seal all the seams on the entire pack, sew every piece of webbing possible into two seams and you have and equation that looks something like this. Best materials+Best construction techniques + a hell of a lot of work has no choice but to = best hunting packs on the market ~ period. It is simple science or was that art?

All Badlands Packs carry a multitude of weapons. However, we are particularly intrigued by our own cleverness when it comes to the task of shucking around a bow.

Review of the Campbell Cameras "The Camera Pack" by Badlands
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