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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Understanding Wide vs Telephoto Lenses

Wide vs Telephoto Lenses
A wide angle lens captures the subject plus a lot more from a close distance.

A mid or long focal length (standard & Telephoto) lens won't capture the same area in terms of close-up width, but will be able to find subjects at farther distances.

Wide Angle Lenses:
• 14mm
• 20mm
• 24mm
• 28mm
• 35mm

Standard & Medium Telephoto Lenses: 
• 40mm
• 55mm
• 85mm
• 100mm

Telephoto Lenses:
• 135mm
• 200mm
• 300mm

Super Telephoto Lenses:
• 400mm
• 500mm
• 600mm
• 800mm

Focal Length
Lens Focal Length Terminology Typical Photographhy
Less than 21mm Extreme Wide Angle Architecture
21-35mm Wide Angle Landscape
35-70mm Normal Street & Documentary
70-135 mm Medium Telephoto Portraiture
135-300+ Telephoto Sports, Bird & Wildlife
Understanding Wide vs Telephoto Lenses
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