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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Introducing the new Sony HXR-NX5U

NXCAM™ is the name for Sony's newest line of affordable HD camcorders based on the AVCHD technology produced exclusively for demanding professionals

The HXR-NX5U is the first product of the NXCAM™ Line producing a new category of tapeless memory camcorder, providing an ideal balance of power and performance in the digital age. Utilizing the revolutionary AVCHD format, this camcorder offers long duration recording– with dual memory slots – on affordable consumer memory cards. Simultaneous hybrid recording is available in HD and SD formats using an optional HXR-FMU128 flash memory unit.

Main Features

  • G Lnes - "G Lens", the lens featured in other successful Sony camcorders, already enjoys an excellent industry reputation. in the HXR-NX5U, this sophisticated lens is optimized to complement the camcorder's advanced image sensor and image-processing technology.
  • Exmore™ 3CMOS Sensors- Three Exmor CMOS sensors with a ClearVid array comprise a state-of-the-art sensor system from Sony which realizes high resolution, high sensitivity, a wide dynamic range, and excellent color reproduction, regardless of the codec.
  • Memory Recording and HYBRID- Memory recording on affordable consumer memory cards offers workflow efficiency at both the shooting and editing stages. Combined with hybrid recording, using an optional HXR-FMU128, the user achieves a totally IT-based workflow, with the added bonus of instant data backup.
  • GPS - A built-in global positioning system locator allows satellite navigation data to be recorded directly onto footage for reference or posting on popular internet mapping systems. GPS data can be invaluable when searching for footage or to provide evidence of where and when footage was recorded.
  • Active Steady Shot Feature- Active SteadyShot™ feature is a new, enhanced image stabilization system that provides a powerful shake-reduction capability, vital for handheld usage. Additional stabilization is provided by the increased optical lens coverage area and by improved detection with state-of-the-art compensation.
  • AVCHD Fomat - The revolutionary AVCHD™ recording format, which utilizes the MPEG-4, AVC/H.264 vide codec, allows users to record HD video footage onto random access media. Its intelligent and sophisticated algorithm makes AVCHD a highly efficient compression format for memory recording and IT-based editing.
Sony Exclusive High-performance "G-Lens"
The "G Lens" provides great picture quality and versatility with a wide angel of 29.5 mm (equivalent to 35 mm film) and a 20x high quality zoom. Two ED (extra-low dispersion) glass elements reduce chromatic aberrations caused by differences in light refraction to minimize color fringing. The advanced 10-group, 15-element lens structure also includes a compound aspheric lens for images that are crisp and clear, even when shooting videos at a high zooming ratio.

Natural-Touch Lens Operation
The focus, zoom and iris ring are positioned on the lens barrel, and this design offers the same operability as general interchangeable lenses. Focus, zoom and iris control can all be managed easily.

Six-blade Iris
The six-blade iris diaphragm is nearly circular, enabling the creation of an extremely beautiful background blur.

Built-in ND Filters
The HXR-NX5U is equipped with three built-in ND (Neutral Density) filters - 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 – which help to vary the depth of field with its iris control.

Location Simplification with Cutting-edge GPS Technology
The HXR-NX5U is the world's first AVCHD professional camcorder with an internal GPS. This important new feature enables users to find the same shooting location when, for example, they need to revisit a location for extra shots that must match existing footage. GPS data is embedded in AVCHD video data files. Mapping data can be created using bundled Content Management Utility Software. Also GPS data can be extracted from video files, using Content Management Utility Software, in a commonly used latitude/longitude NMEA data format. This GPS information can be used in several applications.
Regular Price: $3,999.99 
ON SALE FOR: $3,899.99

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