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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introducing the Infra-Red ready Canon XF100

Canon XF100 - expected availability in February PRE ORDER HERE 
Txt and Pictures from Canon

Compact in size, light weight and fully featured, the Canon XF100 Professional Camcorder can be tailored to fit a wide range of individual needs. While sharing many of the capabilities of the Canon XF305 and XF300 Professional Camcorders, including the Canon XF Codec and Compact Flash (CF) recording, the XF100 offers some exciting new features of its own.
Whether used as a companion to the XF305 or XF300 or as a standalone camcorder, the XF100 is geared for a wide range of applications where high image quality, extreme portability, and efficient workflow are of the utmost importance. And with infrared recording and true stereoscopic 3-D production capabilities, the XF100 allows users to explore new creative outlets and emerging markets.
The XF100 utilizes Canon's XF Codec – a file-based MPEG-2 compression with an MXF File Wrapper that ensures the widest compatibility with existing industry infrastructure, metadata and non-linear editing (NLE) systems. The codec's 4:2:2 color sampling provides ultra-fine transitions in tone and color for maintaining the highest image quality needed for advanced post production processing.
The XF100's newly developed Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens along with a Canon native 1920 x 1080 CMOS Image Sensor delivers exceptional image quality. The XF100 also offers multiple recording bit rates, resolutions and variable frame rates to expand creative flexibility, allowing users to work in virtually any production environment.
Canon XF100, de nuit from Les Films Associes on Vimeo.

Unlike other camcorders which use proprietary memory systems, the XF100 records to Compact Flash (CF) cards and offers versatile recording functions including:

Relay Recording- When one CF card becomes full, the camcorder automatically switches video recording to the other CF card. 
Hot Swapping- Media can be replaced without turning off the camcorder. And while recording, the other card can be removed without interruption.
File copy and backup- Files may be copied from one card to the next- ideal for backing up when out in the field.
Pre Record - Perfect for hunting situations, the camcorder continuously buffers approximately three seconds of video in memory. When the record button is pressed, recording begins and the contents of buffer memory are added, so you never miss an important shot.
Double Slot Recording - For safety and convenience, the Double Slot Recording feature allows you to record simultaneously to each of the two CF cards, providing an instant backup for your footage.

Canon 10x HD Video Lens
The 10x power zoom is available in Constant and Variable settings in 3 modes:
Fast - approx. 1.9-60 seconds
Normal - approx. 3.0-180 seconds
Slow - approx. 4.0-285 seconds

  • There is a build-in ND (neutral density) filter

iris dial
A customizable manual control ring allows users to assign focus, zoom or iris. These functions are easily selected through a switch on the lens barrel.
Additionally, a custom dial is available which allows the iris to be controlled.

SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer - The XF100 also incorporates a SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization system (lens shift) with four modes:
Standard - Lens shift is controlled so that the maximum compensation angle is constant from wide angle through telephoto.
Powered - Vibration is suppressed at the telephoto end of the range, where shake is most apparent due to high magnification
Dynamic - Stabilization changes throughout the zoom range to minimize more pronounced shaking. This is especially useful at wide-angle focal lengths when walking
Off- You can turn the image stabilizer off

Canon Native 1920 x 1080 CMOS Sensor
Newly designed and manufactured exclusively by Canon, the XF100 Professional Camcorder incorporates a native 1/3-inch, 1920 x 1080 CMOS Image Sensor, delivering superb Full HD video recording with minimal noise. The high sensitivity and wide dynamic rand of this sensor are what demanding users expect from Canon. Slow and fast motion shooting is supported for greater flexibility in creative choice and its compactness contributes greatly to the small, super handy size of the XF100 and its outstanding usability in the field.

Built-in 3d Assist Features
The XF100 has the ability to be paired with another XF100 or XF105 camcorder to provide true stereoscopic 3-D recording. It offers several features to assist with 3-D production including OIS Lens Shift to aid in optically aligning the two cameras.

A Focal length guide displays the zoom position of each camera in relation to each other and calibrates the zoom distance.
 The XF100's compact size provides an alternative to large 3-D rigs allowing 3-D crews to work more quickly and efficiently, while providing the needed features to capture exceptional 3-D imagery.

Infrared Recording
 The XF100 features an Infrared Mode allowing users to capture video in hunting conditions with little to no ambient light, a situation which would make other camcorders useless. During infrared capture, the infrared cutoff filter is removed from the optical path. Combined with a specially designed lens coating, infrared light is able to pass through to the image sensor. Additionally, the XF100 features an infrared emitter with a diffuser to shot pleasing infrared imagery even in complete darkness. For the hunters, the benefits of a compact, high performance camcorder for shooting in such conditions is obvious. Without the need to add lights, the shooter may remain hidden from their subjects. Also, the XF100 gives the option of recording in green or white light mode.
Image Comparison: Infrared On and Off

Image Comparison: Infrared Green and White Modes
Example footage of Infrared White Mode:

Canon XF100, Infrared from Les Films Associes on Vimeo.

The Canon XF100 is an ultra-compact camera that is easy to pack in any hunter's backpack.

Audio System
The utmost in flexibility has been built into the XF100. It has an incorporated stereo microphone, as well as two XLR audio inputs with +48V phantom power and a 3.5mm microphone input terminal. The built-in microphone provides exceptional audio in fast paced situations while the XLR inputs and microphone input terminal provide connectivity to external microphones. In addition the XLR inputs allow the use of other professional audio devices. If you choose, the built-in microphone and external microphone can be used simultaneously.

Audio is recorded in 16-bit PCM format at 48 kHz for amazing quality and fidelity. And both the built-in microphone and XLR inputs have the option for automatic or full manual gain control. To prevent variations in the recorded audio level, the dials can be locked by closing the audio panel cover.

Introducing the Infra-Red ready Canon XF100
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  1. what is the maximum distance you can shoot in infrared light from the canon XF100 Professional cameras??

    Sumit Sisodiya

  2. what is the maximum distance you can shoot using the infrared light with a canon XF 100 HD Professional cameras

  3. The infrared light maximum distance would be about 8-10ft