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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you a Smart Scouter?

Smart Scouter 

Selected as 2007’s “Best of the Best” in Field & Stream Magazine, the Smart Scouter is changing the way hunters track game forever. With the Smart Scouter Trail Camera, you only need an internet connection to instantly check the activity in its range. The camera transmits images wirelessly, making photos accessible on your cell phone no matter where you are in the world. Features a fast trigger speed, 1.3 megapixel resolution day or night, high gain antenna, and more!
Service available through Sprint or Alltel
How It Works (from SmartScouter.com)

Infrared Flash

Smartscouter utilizes 50 infrared flash bulbs that are invisible to the eye (human or animal), eliminating the risk of "spooking" game with traditional "white light" flash bulbs.
Our 50 powerful LEDs (paired with our low light night vision camera) provide quality nighttime photographs out to 60 feet.

Motion Sensors

Three Smart Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) allow for camera to sleep and save energy – when outer sensors are tripped, camera awakens immediately and is ready to take picture when center PIR is tripped.
PIR technology senses changes in temperature (not motion), so presence of large animals trigger the device, while general motion (ie, tree branches, wind) won’t set the device off.


Our self-contained 1.3 megapixel camera offers high quality pictures day and night, and offers you the ability to select high or low resolution, so you can control picture quality and image size (ie, costs).

Laser Guide

Our internal laser aim point is used during set up to ensure camera is pointing at desired spot.

Control Panel

You can manage your device settings in the field (using device control panel) or via the SmartScouter web site.
On the control panel, you can check your battery level, wireless strength, and picture count. And, you can modify your settings for picture delay, camera resolution, dial-up frequency, and others.
Also, the Compact Flash (CF) card allows you to retrieve pictures in the field or in areas where you do not get an adequate cell signal.

Battery Power

SmartScouter has an on-board 6V long-lasting rechargeable battery (included with purchase) with the option to attach additional power supply (6V 42ah battery) for extended use in the field.

SALE PRICE: $400.00 (32% OFF!

Sample Images

Are you a Smart Scouter?
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