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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Filming Freaks Website Launch

April 21, 2011 – Campbell Cameras has launched a new website with PROFESSIONAL moderators. It is your number one source for tips, tactics and information about filming in the outdoors. Whether you're interested in filming hunting adventures, fishing trips, action sports or other outdoor activities, this is the place for you! It is also another outlook for our Blog.

Heres how you navigate the site:

1.Go to www.filmingfreaks.com
2.To access our Blog, you can click on any of the posts that you wish to see under the Blog Section. To see all of the posts click on the "Read All" under the Blog side. It will then take you to this Blog Site.
3. To access the Forums, you can click on any of the top forum posts that you wish to see. To see all of the posts click on the "Read All" under the Forum Side.

4. (On the "Read All" Forum site) You do not need to register to read most forum posts. However, if you wish to reply or post a question, you must register. To Register click on the Register Link at the top right hand corner. Fill out the registration form and you will then use your username and password to sign in and start posting!
5. Once logged in, you can find the right forum for what you want to post by looking at the Forum Home Page and reading the different topics. Select which topic is the right one for your post, and then click on that post. Click on either "Post New Thread" or a Thread that you wish to comment on.
6. If you clicked on "Post New Thread" you will then simply write your post and submit it and then wait for notifications that someone has responded to your post!

This website is a way to get our customers an outlet to ask other outdoor videographers and the Professional Moderators their questions, stories, pictures, etc. It is also a great outlet to sell your used camera equipment or to find items for sale! Check and see if any positions open up in the "Job Opportunities" section, you never know who might be looking for a videographer!

Filming Freaks Website Launch
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