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Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to modify a construction work light for video

How to modify a construction work light for video

Modifiying a construction work light for video purposes. from LoweRuno Productions on Vimeo.

Here I share what I have done to modify some work lights that can be found at the hardware store for use as video lights. Keep in mind these lights become hot so take care where they are placed and keep a fire extinguisher in your equipment box just in case. I have never had a mishap but it is better to be safe then sorry. The good points about these lights are they are cheap and readily available. The cons besides the heat are they draw alot of amps so do not plug them all in one electrical outlet but use outlets on opposite walls to draw from different breaker circuits. This avoids tripping breakers needlessly. I have never had a mishap using these lights nor tripped a breaker and I have been pleased with my results so far. I do plan on purchasing cooler flouresent light banks in the near future, but until I can afford them, this offers a nice temporary solution.

Keep in mind you are using lights designed for one use and applying them to another use completely. You therefore proceed to modify/use them at your own risk and Lowe Runo Productions cannot be held liable in any way.

In addition I have found these lights to be very warm. Around 2300 to 2700 kelvin... So dont try to mix them with daylight or even 3200-3400 K lights unless you are going for a warmer mixed look."- From Lowe Runo Procuctions
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