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Friday, May 25, 2012

SteadyWeb Stabilizer Tripod

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SteadyWeb Stabilizer Tripod

The SpiderCord™ helps stabilize cameras when using optical and digital zoom, when shooting video, or in low light conditions. The SpiderCord™ also helps reduce handshake when using other devices with built in tripod mounts such as spotting scopes, rangefinders and binoculars.

1) Clip SteadyWeb onto belt loop or any stable environment, including a backpack.
2) Unlock SteadyWeb line, pull out and screw bold into tripod mount threads.
3) Lock line in place at desired length, pull line taut and begin shooting.

With the inclusion of long optical and digital zoom lenses, as well as HD video in most cameras, it has become difficult to hold a camera steady--even with image stabilization. It is also inconvenient to carry a cumbersome tripod at all times in order to counter these situations. This String Tripod does not need to be opened up and placed on the floor, so you can also use the SteadyWeb in places traditional tripods are prohibited, including museums and many public venues. 

The SteadyWeb is an inexpensive and simple device that fits in almost any pocket or camera bag, and helps stabilize cameras in a variety of different situations, including shooting over crowds, panning video, or handshake in low-light conditions.

Question: How does the SteadyWeb™ work?
Answer: Simply pull out the SteadyWeb™ line, screw the bolt into tripod mount threads of device. Once you have your line at desired shooting length, lock line in place and pull line taut. This will drastically reduce the "shake" in your image when zoomed in 20-35x.

Question: Will the SteadyWeb™ work with binoculars or rangefinders?
Answer: Yes, simply screw the SteadyWeb™ bolt into the accessory strap and wrap the strap around the binoculars.

Question: How much line is inside the SteadyWeb™?
Answer: 6 feet of line.

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